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A silver lining of the necessity to use digital formats is the opportunity for speech and debate to grow unhindered by many traditional barriers. With no costs of travel or lodging, financially constrained teams should have greater opportunities than ever before. With a convergence of information and resources online, barriers to knowledge and training should also decline.

One goal of the DSDI is to promote the growth and sustainability of speech and debate by assembling instructional resources for administrators, coaches, student participants, and judges. Over the coming months, the DSDI will launch our first series of instructional videos, focused on introducing novice Policy Debate. Over time, our goal will be to expand into many other areas of the broader speech and debate experience.

In addition, we look forward to providing additional curricular resources and hosting virtual conferences and proceedings to discuss the future of digital speech and debate.


Debate Curriculum


Demonstration Policy Debate produced by the American Debate Association.

Demo Debate
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